• check current recall list to ensure your car seat is free of recalls

  • teach you how to adjust the harness straps to properly secure your infant or          child…we even have you practice with a doll if you are pregnant or your child is sleeping

  • demonstrate how to install your car seat in your family vehicles

  • allow YOU to practice installing so you will feel comfortable re-installing                           in the future (trust us, SOMEONE will accidentally unbuckle your child's seat)

  • provide recommendations for purchasing a new car seat when needed 


How we help families

Free Car Seat Safety Classes

Not only do we offer free 90 minute classes at local hospitals throughout the month, we are also available to speak to local mommy and daddy groups!  

Safety In Motion

One on One Assistance

Whether we meet at your home, office or at one of our Orange County locations, you can expect the same quality appointment!  Installation appointments are approximately one hour and cover the following:

With 9 out of 10 car seats installed inco​rrectly,

                                          it's no wonder why families are concerned if they are using their seat properly!


Need to reach us right away?  

Just send a quick text to 714 264-0436 and a technician will answer ANY questions!!! 


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